• We aim at capacity building at university and local level by involving our partners in innovation processes and twinning researchers for joint work.
  • We will create a communication and information platform on issues, innovations and strategies of diversified farming at the local level (for the local farmers) and at academic/university level.

Description of Activities:

Capacity building will be done at several stages. At local level, in this work package, we will involve local partners (Hawassa, Makerere, Egerton) as much as possible into knowledge investigations using their com­­muni­cation platforms with people. We see WP4 as transforming process of farming system towards di­ver­sity. At university level, young researchers from soil, agricultural, social, nutritional sciences and home eco­­nomics will be integrated in the project, so they will have a possibility for education (learning differently).

Major activities for an intensive exchange are:

  • Activity 4.1.1. A network of African and German researchers will be built through steady exchange by coordination and workshops planned between and after the research project.
  • Activity 4.1.2. The project partners (scientific supervisors and students) will be invited to the ZEU/JLU Giessen and we will look specifically at interfaces to get the links.

Activities for an integration of WP 1to 3 in WP 4 are:

  • Activity 4.2.2. Based on WP 1 ad 2 we develop scenarios for innovation implementation.
  • Activity 4.2.3. We conduct a participatory intervention with Farmer Field Schools, incl. nutrition.

Activities for communication between African and international research communities:

  • Activity 4.3. At the end of the project an inner-African as well as African-European research network between different disciplines is built. Also we will present at international conferences withn all the stakeholdres.
  • Activity 4.3.2. Pubulication of final project  Reports for future studies and policy decision making.