• Assess local food systems by:
    1. availability, access and utilization of different food crops/animals and their contribution to the diets of the target population in target agro-ecological zones and seasons.
    2. social-demographic characteristics, household food security status, dietary patterns and nutrient intake and nutritional status of the study population
    3. knowledge, attitudes and practices of farmers, households with regard to nutritional security and current strategies to cope with the related problems.
  • Explore possibilities for improved food preservation to minimize food losses and extend use period.
  • Develop culturally acceptable recipes using locally available foods for nutrients.

Description of Activities:

Households will be investigated on dietary patterns, source of crops from domestic production, fields, gar­dens and purchases from market. Dietary patterns will be identified and linked to the food system and nutr­iti­onal status by anthropometric measurements. A focus is on dietary diversification/modification referring to approaches that aim to increase the production, availability and access to micronutrient-rich foods.

The WP will investigate the variation in diets which can be achieved through, for example:

  • horticultural approaches such as home-Vegetable gardens among others;
  • behavioral change to improve consumption through nutrition education and social marketing;
  • improved methods of food preparation, preservation and cooking that preserve micronutrient.

These same households will be scrutinized for farming practices (in WP2). Major activities are:

  • Activity 1.0 Expenditures for food purchases will retrieved (if taken and to what percentage they contribute to intake of calories and other nutrients)
  • Activity 1.1. Structured interviews on:
    1. food insecurity experience (FAO), household and individual dietary diversity,
    2. farmers knowledge on dietary diversity and nutritional health;
  • Activity 1.2. Focused group discussions with regard to:
    1. nutrition and health status,
    2. food intake variables;
  • Activity 1.3. Delivery of the information on the status quo with respect to nutrition security within the study areas for the WP3 and WP4